Hey people of America (and otherwise…we love you too) welcome to our new and improved blog!!*cue the applause*

As you all know (or don’t?), we were previously located at thatveganlifedoe.wordpress.com but as you see folks, we have mad-skillfully dropped the “wordpress” part leaving you all with a much easier url thatveganlifedoe.com ! (Also, our old website was kinda janky AF, so hope you enjoy the upgrade as much as we do! #janky)

Anyway, we transferred all the old posts to this website as well, again, making this really tough transition a little easier for all you die-hard thatveganlifedoe fans #loljk

Anyway, enjoy da blog and keep checking back on your girls to see what vegan adventure we’re up to next.


Gossips Girls (Jk jk, just your good ole pals Olie and Bella)



Hey guys!!! Good news! (Or maybe bad news…?) We’re not dead! We are actually currently working with web designers right now to revamp the blog you live and die on: THATVEGANLIFEDOE!!!

So we apologize for the lack of posts lately. In the meanwhile, we are still posting on instagram and posting new vids on youtube  so stay tuned! (And don’t forget about us! #neverletgojack)

Anyway, we’ll post on this blog when the new website is done with the link and all that good stuff. Excited to share it with all of you guys! #yassss

Vegan gift exchange

Hey everyone! So our friend Maddie from @voguefarmer gave us a wonderful idea to reach out to fellow vegan bloggers in the vegan-sphere of da world and suggested having a gift/goodie exchange! So guese what homies? You bet your vegan butts we did a goodies exchange with the lovely and fellow vegan Miranda from the vegan instagram @mirandaelizz ! She got us vegan junk food, healthy snacks, sopas, lip balm, bath bombs from Lush! It was amazing!!! Make sure to check her out and make sure to try doing a gift exchange with a fellow vegan. It’s supa fun, does not have to be expensive, and hey, what’s better than receiving a box full of vegan snacks in college??? Like nothing.

It’s a big world out there. Let’s make it smaller. #connect #veganlove #thatveganlifedoe


Vegan at Earth Bar- West Hollywood, CA

So, my roomate is no longer a Soul Cycle virgin, courtesy of the twinsie  and I, because we dragged her all the way to West Hollywood to cycle her soul for the first time. May I say…her soul was definitely cycled! (Why did that sound so creepy lol?) 

Anyway, after we sweated ballz, right next door to the Soul Cycle studio is an Earth Bar smoothie bar at the equinox which is now one of my fave smoothie places!!! The smoothies were so bomb and the colors were so cute! Like, I got a green smoothie and felt cool because it was green. Like I was one of those girls with a green smoothie, you know what I mean? 

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Anyway, our smoothie’s were the bomb.com. Allie got a mango pipaya, Bella got a strawberry pineapple, and I got a BOSS ASS matcha green tea banana (with out the spiralina- which is like condensed veggies, ID-even-K man).


Bellas also got a collared green wrap and a ginger shot for our roomie who had a cold. How sweet is she? Sweet as a pie.


Anyway, if you are done getting your soul cycled, stop by earth bar!! 

Oil-free Potato Wedges Recipe

So guys… what do four hungry college sophomores do with 5 potatoes and a slightly embarrassingly (and desperate) desire to not become fat lards? They look up recipes for oil-free potato wedges!!!

On our noble internet quest, we stumbled upon this fantastic recipe: 


So if you are a) hungry b) have potatoes c) have a craving for these so-called potatoes and d)trying to not become a fat-ass, I would def recommend the recipe!!! They were so yummy and I will def try this recipe again!!!! Oil-free and delicious. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside (just like me *creepy face emoji*)