Vegan at Earth Bar- West Hollywood, CA

So, my roomate is no longer a Soul Cycle virgin, courtesy of the twinsie  and I, because we dragged her all the way to West Hollywood to cycle her soul for the first time. May I say…her soul was definitely cycled! (Why did that sound so creepy lol?) 

Anyway, after we sweated ballz, right next door to the Soul Cycle studio is an Earth Bar smoothie bar at the equinox which is now one of my fave smoothie places!!! The smoothies were so bomb and the colors were so cute! Like, I got a green smoothie and felt cool because it was green. Like I was one of those girls with a green smoothie, you know what I mean? 

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Anyway, our smoothie’s were the Allie got a mango pipaya, Bella got a strawberry pineapple, and I got a BOSS ASS matcha green tea banana (with out the spiralina- which is like condensed veggies, ID-even-K man).


Bellas also got a collared green wrap and a ginger shot for our roomie who had a cold. How sweet is she? Sweet as a pie.


Anyway, if you are done getting your soul cycled, stop by earth bar!! 


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