Vegan at The Jonathan Club- Downtown Los Angeles, CA

So guys my roommate Sophia and her mom are the absolute best!!! They are, as Sophia would put it, “BALLLLLER!”

After so kindly dropping off vegan groceries and snacks and fruit at our apartment (praise the lord for fresh food lol!) they invited us to have dinner at their country club in DTLA (Downtown LA …for all of you non-natives who don’t know the lingo. I mean, listen to the kids, bro)

We got to eat on the beautiful rooftop and all of the staff was incredibly accommodating to our vegan needs. They had a vegan dish which was rice, bok  choy, and tofu, covered in the most delicious ponzu sauce EVER!!! Legit, such a great meal, the portion wasn’t too big and it was ugh-mazing!


For dessert, we had a passion fruit sorbet sundae with bananas, berries, and berry sauce. SO YUMMAY!


Thanks Mrs. Lopez and Sophia. You guys are balllllller!


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