Vegan gift exchange

Hey everyone! So our friend Maddie from @voguefarmer gave us a wonderful idea to reach out to fellow vegan bloggers in the vegan-sphere of da world and suggested having a gift/goodie exchange! So guese what homies? You bet your vegan butts we did a goodies exchange with the lovely and fellow vegan Miranda from the vegan instagram @mirandaelizz ! She got us vegan junk food, healthy snacks, sopas, lip balm, bath bombs from Lush! It was amazing!!! Make sure to check her out and make sure to try doing a gift exchange with a fellow vegan. It’s supa fun, does not have to be expensive, and hey, what’s better than receiving a box full of vegan snacks in college??? Like nothing.

It’s a big world out there. Let’s make it smaller. #connect #veganlove #thatveganlifedoe



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