Vegan at Ellary’s Green- West Village, NYC

Even though I’m really only supposed to use this phrase in reference to eyebrows, this restaurant was DEF on fleek. 

It was our first day back in the city in four months and boy was is sooooo refreshing!! The rushing people, everyone decked in black and gray, street carolers, dirty sidewalks….ah feels like home. 

So before some shopping, our mom took us to adorable restaurant in the West Village called Ellary’s Greens, a great place both for vegan and nonvegans. And it also attracts like very attractive people. I saw a number of hotties in there, not gonna lie (I mean, I count too right? I looked in the mirror…) 

But the food is SO bomb. I give it a 10/10! The sis and I split the meal and got granola with almond milk, the chickpea burger, and the vegan pancakes. For drinks, we got an apple/carrot/orange juice and Bella got a tropical smoothie. The juice was great, Bella said her smoothie was kinda wonky and it may have been due to the coconut water. 

The chickpea burger was A-mazing, super yummmmmy and same with the pancakes, very sweet and fluffy. I loved the granola too but Bella didn’t think it was sweet enough. My mom also got the chickpea fries which she said were good but too spicy. 

Anyway, I def recommend and would def go back!

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