Vegan at LAX Delta Terminal- LAX, CA

So after four months in college all the way across the country (Yep, I’m a big girl now. Physically I meant. And wide I meant not tall) the sis and I got to go home to NY for Thanksgiving!!!! I was so pumped to see my dogs and my bed and my fridge and my peeps and of course, the city that neva sleeps. 

So anyway, in LAX they have a lemonade with many vegan options at the buffet. We got the kale salad, the sppaghetti squash, the tomatos and avocado, and watermelon rosemary lemonade. Such a perf, healthy, light, but filling meal to last you a redeye flight back to da city!!! 

And on the plane, they handed out FREE VEGAN HUMMUS/VEGGIE WRAPS!!! Whuttttt is this real life????

It was super yummy and came with grapes too (And a chocolate chip cookie which for sure wasn’t vegan so sorry my little bunnies). They also have a gluten free snack pack (Not free, sorry cheepoes) with mostly vegan goodies. And better yet, you can just give the nonvegan goodies to the creepy person sitting next to you and become BFFs. #meetcute

Also, in the airport back at JFK near the baggage claim, the sis and I grabbed some cracker & edamame hummus and some chocolate peanut butter to snack on! SNACK ON!

Anyway, my delta vegan travelers, have no fear. Vegan food is here. 

-3 -2 -1 -4 -5

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