Vegan dinner idea

So my really good friend Allie came over last night, and usually all we do is eat, watch a movie, eat some more, and then try to convince each other that we’re gonna workout and then never actually do it…. So this time, we actually did workout, but we also ate! For dinner, we decided to be creative so we took a tortilla and piled it with toppings, and then we toasted it and ate it! Simple and delicious. On top of the tortilla, we put soy chicken strips, rice, Daiya cheese, chickpeas, barbecue sauce, avocados, tomatoes, tofutti sour creme, and salsa. SO yummy. Y’all should defff try it some time. The picture below is kinda gross but like…how could i make it look appealing? it’s just like toppings on top of other toppings. I swear it was good though!



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