Vegan at Ubatuba Acai- Los Angeles, CA

Other than it being fun to say, “Ubatuba” is actually a place located on the southeast coast of Brazil. Look up photos of this magical tropical paradise (only if you want to get an instant urge to drop all of your life’s responsibilities and locate to a tropical island of course).

Ubatuba acai is this fresh little cafe in the middle of Korea town that only serves empanadas and acai bowls. No you did not read that wrong. Empanadas and acai bowls. My friends and I first saw that like 7 month ago and laughed at how ridiculous that was, but…. then we kept seeing it all over insta, so we were like WE HAVE TO TRY THIS PLACE! (because everything is ridiculous until it’s validated on instagram, duh)


Anyways, this place has the perfect mix of a tropical vibe with a cultural vibe. I got a Spanish vibe, but Brazil is not a Spanish country so idk bra, but it was so relaxing in there. Big windows with lots of light, soothing spa music in the back, loads of acai and empanadas, what else could you ask for in life? Love? I mean who needs love when you have empanadas and acai bowls?! I MEAN, WHO NEEDS LOVE AT ALL!?!?!?!? #Single4Lyfe



Us, with our friend Heather, all ordered the passion fruit acai bowls (I KNOW, PASSION FRUIT) and added some extra toppings such as coconut and kiwi (they have a whole list of extra toppings you can add). Let me tell you friends, IT WAS SO GOOD. It tasted like passion fruit sorbet. And all the acai bowls come in different colored bowls (perfect for insta if you know what i mean).


There were no vegan empanadas left (the samosa one with potato, onions, ginger, green peas, and coriander) but the lady kindly offered to make me a new one fresh! YUS! And that was also so yummy. 


Highly recommend this place. Especially if you need a place to study for midterms where you won’t run into any people from your school that you are desperately trying to avoid (umm….) Anyways, check this place out homies!


Vegan at Blue Ribbon Sushi- Los Angeles, CA

So us and our friendz (yes i have them) decided to go catch a bite to eat before seeing the amazeballs Maze Runner: Scorch Trials at the Grove (If you haven’t seen this movie but love post-apocolyptic movies and Dylan O’Brien’s undeniably attractive face, then GO SEE THIS MOVIE.) 

Anyways, this sushi place is super vibey and cool. They have a whole list of vegetable rolls and vegetable sides which was great. Also, it’s always a plus when hottie Derek Hough is eating at the bar in front of you #truestory.  I legit came late to meet my friends and sat down at the table and then was like “Did nobody notice Derek Hough at the bar?” Everybody was like “Oh my gosh. How did I not notice him?” LOL #LAProblems


Anyways, I got the butternut squash sushi and the un-fried rice. Both were mediocre, not gonna lie, and super expensive. So would I come here again? Probs not. Buttttt, it was right next to the theater in the Grove so that was nice.


The Grains of Life

So last night, our awesome friend Sol invited us to an event that she organized all by herself where all the tickets went to charity #GoSol! There was jewelry vendors, live music, and even vegan snacks! The lady selling them was so nice and was so happy when we said we would review her on our blog! The treats were tasty and light and only made with natural ingredients. Not everything was vegan but there were some delish vegan options.


Lol when I went to take a bite of the lavender brownie, she was like “this will chill you out” and for a second I was like….am I eating an edible? And then I was like “Ohhhh she meant the lavender” LOLZ #WhatIsMylife

Anyway, check her out


Vegan at Bricks and Scones- Los Angeles, CA

Sticks and stones (bricks and scones) will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Lol JK words hurt like a mother fucker #truth. Anyways, this super cute, little library type cafe is the perfect place to come study or chillax while getting a quick bite to eat. There weren’t many vegan options (k bye), except the clearly labeled vegan tomato soup on the menu (#thanks?), but we managed to adjust some things on the menu to make it work because if I learned anything from Kinky Boots, it was to take what i’ve got and rewrite the plot #FUCKYEA



Not surprisingly, when i asked what was vegan, the waiter pretended to know what that meant (ain’t nobody got time for that) and pointed to virtually the only thing that sounded vegan which was the veggie wrap…. which had mayo in it #nicetry. Olie got the garden salad and I got the veggie wrap without the mayo, which included tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, and balsamic glaze. When i got it, it had mozzarella cheese in it WHICH WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE WRAP ON THE MENU #byebyebyebyebye so i just took it out and ate the rest of the wrap which was surprisingly DELICIOUS. Like actually so simple but so amazing. And the side salad it came with was so yummy too. 


HOWEVER. THIS PLACE GOT A B RATING AND WE DIDN’T NOTICE TILL AFTER WE ATE SO OH SHIT MAN. Also Olie said her avocado was chewy, which combined with the fact that this place got a B rating, made her nauseas. So folk, I have no idea what to tell you about this place. You are on your own on this one. 

Vegan at Larchmont Juicery- Los Angeles, CA

Guys apparently, “juicery” isn’t a word according to auto correct. Who knew? Anyways, what’s Labor Day for other than chillaxing and pondering why Labor day is actually a thing? Well, I won’t say no to a day off! Especially if Ferris Bueller is in involved! (Except he wasn’t….) Anyways, the twin and our two friends Sarah and Kristen tried to get brunch at The Larchmont Bungalow but the wait was like 45 minutes long. When we asked the waiter what the best time to come to Larchmont Bungalow was, he responded SO sassily, “Um not a holiday”. K BETCH. Didn’t ask for the ‘tude #Byefelicia

SO….we opted for Larchmont Juicery instead! They have juices, smoothies, and salads. Some that are vegan. Also, THEY HAVE FROYO. They had watermelon and coconut vegan froyo and the coconut was DELISH. Actually so yummy. It tasted more like vanilla than coconut and the toppings for the froyo even included Newman-Os. I LOVE THOSE. They are like fake oreos. Anyway, come here if the wait is too long for Larchmont Bungalow and get yourself some froyo!

Coconut froyo with Newman O’s > Waiter’s unnecessary sass


Vegan at Erewhon- Los Angeles, CA

SO like…I used to think Whole Foods was really cool. And like, don’t get me wrong, I still do, but ….Whole Foods has some pretty big competition. Erewhon kinda kills (*slays) the healthy supermarket game. Erewhon is basically Whole Foods on steroids if that’s even possible? And anybody who’s anybody in LA has been to Erewhon (which is why I’ve obvi been because I’m such a someone #jokes #sadaboutit) 


Anyway, this place has everything you could ever possibly dream of (Except Harry Styles holding a puppy in one hand and a tub of salted caramel chocolate covered pretzel ice cream in the other). They have everything from smoothies, to juices, to food, to every healthy ingredient, to every healthy snack. Literally everything. SO deff come check dis place out (I mean, if you want to be a Cali gurl) and stock up for the new school year! That’s what we did! 

P.S. Lol just noticed that you can see us in the supermarket camera hahaha


Vegan at Cafe Vida- Pacific Palisades, CA

So, ladies and gents (The few of you gentlemen who do still exist lol), today the roomies and I were chillin in Pacific Palisades, the cutest little beach down evs, and decided to grab some grub at Cafe Vida, this hip and busy little cafe with many healthy options and the cutest dogs ever. I saw this fat, old beagle and legit wanted to smuggle it into my purse #regrets #ragrets 

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 3.48.42 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 3.48.31 PM

Anyway, the food there is really delish! They didn’t have too many vegan options but they did have one, the vegetable bowl, which we got. It had rice, quinoa, sautéed veggies, sun dried tomatoes, and avocado. Really delicious and satisfying after a long ass hike on a hot ass day. Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 3.48.14 PM

Anyway, if you’re ever in town and feel like grubbin, this is your place!