Vegan gift exchange

Hey everyone! So our friend Maddie from @voguefarmer gave us a wonderful idea to reach out to fellow vegan bloggers in the vegan-sphere of da world and suggested having a gift/goodie exchange! So guese what homies? You bet your vegan butts we did a goodies exchange with the lovely and fellow vegan Miranda from the vegan instagram @mirandaelizz ! She got us vegan junk food, healthy snacks, sopas, lip balm, bath bombs from Lush! It was amazing!!! Make sure to check her out and make sure to try doing a gift exchange with a fellow vegan. It’s supa fun, does not have to be expensive, and hey, what’s better than receiving a box full of vegan snacks in college??? Like nothing.

It’s a big world out there. Let’s make it smaller. #connect #veganlove #thatveganlifedoe



The Grains of Life

So last night, our awesome friend Sol invited us to an event that she organized all by herself where all the tickets went to charity #GoSol! There was jewelry vendors, live music, and even vegan snacks! The lady selling them was so nice and was so happy when we said we would review her on our blog! The treats were tasty and light and only made with natural ingredients. Not everything was vegan but there were some delish vegan options.


Lol when I went to take a bite of the lavender brownie, she was like “this will chill you out” and for a second I was like….am I eating an edible? And then I was like “Ohhhh she meant the lavender” LOLZ #WhatIsMylife

Anyway, check her out


Vegan at Earth Bar- West Hollywood, CA

So, my roomate is no longer a Soul Cycle virgin, courtesy of the twinsie  and I, because we dragged her all the way to West Hollywood to cycle her soul for the first time. May I say…her soul was definitely cycled! (Why did that sound so creepy lol?) 

Anyway, after we sweated ballz, right next door to the Soul Cycle studio is an Earth Bar smoothie bar at the equinox which is now one of my fave smoothie places!!! The smoothies were so bomb and the colors were so cute! Like, I got a green smoothie and felt cool because it was green. Like I was one of those girls with a green smoothie, you know what I mean? 

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Anyway, our smoothie’s were the Allie got a mango pipaya, Bella got a strawberry pineapple, and I got a BOSS ASS matcha green tea banana (with out the spiralina- which is like condensed veggies, ID-even-K man).


Bellas also got a collared green wrap and a ginger shot for our roomie who had a cold. How sweet is she? Sweet as a pie.


Anyway, if you are done getting your soul cycled, stop by earth bar!! 

Vegan at Bricks and Scones- Los Angeles, CA

Sticks and stones (bricks and scones) will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Lol JK words hurt like a mother fucker #truth. Anyways, this super cute, little library type cafe is the perfect place to come study or chillax while getting a quick bite to eat. There weren’t many vegan options (k bye), except the clearly labeled vegan tomato soup on the menu (#thanks?), but we managed to adjust some things on the menu to make it work because if I learned anything from Kinky Boots, it was to take what i’ve got and rewrite the plot #FUCKYEA



Not surprisingly, when i asked what was vegan, the waiter pretended to know what that meant (ain’t nobody got time for that) and pointed to virtually the only thing that sounded vegan which was the veggie wrap…. which had mayo in it #nicetry. Olie got the garden salad and I got the veggie wrap without the mayo, which included tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, and balsamic glaze. When i got it, it had mozzarella cheese in it WHICH WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE WRAP ON THE MENU #byebyebyebyebye so i just took it out and ate the rest of the wrap which was surprisingly DELICIOUS. Like actually so simple but so amazing. And the side salad it came with was so yummy too. 


HOWEVER. THIS PLACE GOT A B RATING AND WE DIDN’T NOTICE TILL AFTER WE ATE SO OH SHIT MAN. Also Olie said her avocado was chewy, which combined with the fact that this place got a B rating, made her nauseas. So folk, I have no idea what to tell you about this place. You are on your own on this one. 

Vegan at Larchmont Juicery- Los Angeles, CA

Guys apparently, “juicery” isn’t a word according to auto correct. Who knew? Anyways, what’s Labor Day for other than chillaxing and pondering why Labor day is actually a thing? Well, I won’t say no to a day off! Especially if Ferris Bueller is in involved! (Except he wasn’t….) Anyways, the twin and our two friends Sarah and Kristen tried to get brunch at The Larchmont Bungalow but the wait was like 45 minutes long. When we asked the waiter what the best time to come to Larchmont Bungalow was, he responded SO sassily, “Um not a holiday”. K BETCH. Didn’t ask for the ‘tude #Byefelicia

SO….we opted for Larchmont Juicery instead! They have juices, smoothies, and salads. Some that are vegan. Also, THEY HAVE FROYO. They had watermelon and coconut vegan froyo and the coconut was DELISH. Actually so yummy. It tasted more like vanilla than coconut and the toppings for the froyo even included Newman-Os. I LOVE THOSE. They are like fake oreos. Anyway, come here if the wait is too long for Larchmont Bungalow and get yourself some froyo!

Coconut froyo with Newman O’s > Waiter’s unnecessary sass


Oil-free Potato Wedges Recipe

So guys… what do four hungry college sophomores do with 5 potatoes and a slightly embarrassingly (and desperate) desire to not become fat lards? They look up recipes for oil-free potato wedges!!!

On our noble internet quest, we stumbled upon this fantastic recipe:

So if you are a) hungry b) have potatoes c) have a craving for these so-called potatoes and d)trying to not become a fat-ass, I would def recommend the recipe!!! They were so yummy and I will def try this recipe again!!!! Oil-free and delicious. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside (just like me *creepy face emoji*)