Vegan at Ubatuba Acai- Los Angeles, CA

Other than it being fun to say, “Ubatuba” is actually a place located on the southeast coast of Brazil. Look up photos of this magical tropical paradise (only if you want to get an instant urge to drop all of your life’s responsibilities and locate to a tropical island of course).

Ubatuba acai is this fresh little cafe in the middle of Korea town that only serves empanadas and acai bowls. No you did not read that wrong. Empanadas and acai bowls. My friends and I first saw that like 7 month ago and laughed at how ridiculous that was, but…. then we kept seeing it all over insta, so we were like WE HAVE TO TRY THIS PLACE! (because everything is ridiculous until it’s validated on instagram, duh)


Anyways, this place has the perfect mix of a tropical vibe with a cultural vibe. I got a Spanish vibe, but Brazil is not a Spanish country so idk bra, but it was so relaxing in there. Big windows with lots of light, soothing spa music in the back, loads of acai and empanadas, what else could you ask for in life? Love? I mean who needs love when you have empanadas and acai bowls?! I MEAN, WHO NEEDS LOVE AT ALL!?!?!?!? #Single4Lyfe



Us, with our friend Heather, all ordered the passion fruit acai bowls (I KNOW, PASSION FRUIT) and added some extra toppings such as coconut and kiwi (they have a whole list of extra toppings you can add). Let me tell you friends, IT WAS SO GOOD. It tasted like passion fruit sorbet. And all the acai bowls come in different colored bowls (perfect for insta if you know what i mean).


There were no vegan empanadas left (the samosa one with potato, onions, ginger, green peas, and coriander) but the lady kindly offered to make me a new one fresh! YUS! And that was also so yummy. 


Highly recommend this place. Especially if you need a place to study for midterms where you won’t run into any people from your school that you are desperately trying to avoid (umm….) Anyways, check this place out homies!


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