Vegan at Zinc Cafe- Downtown Los Angeles, CA

So, sometimes a few bad-ass boss bitches are in the mood for a badass-boss-bitches-brunch so that’s what we did today with our fellow film school friend, Nicole!!

We went to this awesome, modern cool restaurant in Downton Los Angeles (Right up the street from Springs LA-  da vegan restaurant and yoga space). It was so hip and the interior decorating was so zen garden/eco friendly it was definitely vibey. (Did you catch my artsy photo between the trees? #lol #itried)

DSC00351 DSC00352


Surprisingly, for an all vegetarian restaurant, they had almost no vegan options (da fuk?!). I mean, they had bagels w/ avocado, lettuce, & tomato. They also had oatmeal and gluten-free vegan granola but that was about it. I think I saw a possibly vegan thai salad, but not sure. (Da fuk is wrong with you people??) 

For drinks, Bella got a “Zinc Sunrise” which was an orange, raspberry, and something puree. She really liked it. I got a passion iced tea and thought it would taste boring because it wasn’t sweetened, but it was so delicious!!


For the meal, we got the gluten-free granola w/ berries and bananas (in pajamas…holla if you get the reference!) with a side of raisins and brown sugarrrrrr. 


A+ for the interior decorating. The food was great, I just wish they had more options…especially for a vegetarian place…I mean, da fuk!?


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