Vegan at Blue Ribbon Sushi- Los Angeles, CA

So us and our friendz (yes i have them) decided to go catch a bite to eat before seeing the amazeballs Maze Runner: Scorch Trials at the Grove (If you haven’t seen this movie but love post-apocolyptic movies and Dylan O’Brien’s undeniably attractive face, then GO SEE THIS MOVIE.) 

Anyways, this sushi place is super vibey and cool. They have a whole list of vegetable rolls and vegetable sides which was great. Also, it’s always a plus when hottie Derek Hough is eating at the bar in front of you #truestory.  I legit came late to meet my friends and sat down at the table and then was like “Did nobody notice Derek Hough at the bar?” Everybody was like “Oh my gosh. How did I not notice him?” LOL #LAProblems


Anyways, I got the butternut squash sushi and the un-fried rice. Both were mediocre, not gonna lie, and super expensive. So would I come here again? Probs not. Buttttt, it was right next to the theater in the Grove so that was nice.



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