Vegan at Larchmont Juicery- Los Angeles, CA

Guys apparently, “juicery” isn’t a word according to auto correct. Who knew? Anyways, what’s Labor Day for other than chillaxing and pondering why Labor day is actually a thing? Well, I won’t say no to a day off! Especially if Ferris Bueller is in involved! (Except he wasn’t….) Anyways, the twin and our two friends Sarah and Kristen tried to get brunch at The Larchmont Bungalow but the wait was like 45 minutes long. When we asked the waiter what the best time to come to Larchmont Bungalow was, he responded SO sassily, “Um not a holiday”. K BETCH. Didn’t ask for the ‘tude #Byefelicia

SO….we opted for Larchmont Juicery instead! They have juices, smoothies, and salads. Some that are vegan. Also, THEY HAVE FROYO. They had watermelon and coconut vegan froyo and the coconut was DELISH. Actually so yummy. It tasted more like vanilla than coconut and the toppings for the froyo even included Newman-Os. I LOVE THOSE. They are like fake oreos. Anyway, come here if the wait is too long for Larchmont Bungalow and get yourself some froyo!

Coconut froyo with Newman O’s > Waiter’s unnecessary sass



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