Vegan at Salt and Straw- Los Angeles, CA

I mean, who doesn’t love straws and salt?! Two daily staples! Lol jk (but maybe?). Anytways this place is severely awesome and located in one of my favorite places in all of LaLa Land: Larchmont. Larchmont is the cutest little town/street/thing where Cafe Gratitude is and Babycakes and a ton of cute cafes and cute boutiques shops and a farmers market and most importantly SALT AND STRAW.

Salt and Straw is the cutest little ice cream shop with coolest most unique ice cream flavors (avocado sherbet? I mean come on)  Their two vegan flavors currently are toasted coconut with candied macadamia nut (HEAVEN HEAVEN HEAVEN HEAVEN) and pomegranate molasses which was really refreshing and delicious! They had a carrot watermelon flavor but they stopped serving it yesterday  #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMZZ 


We went here today with the coolest vegan gal, Maxine, who goes to USC with us and has a boss ass instagram and y’all should follow her (@planthappy). We went to Salt and Straw for ice cream and then went straight to Babycakes for bagels and desserts (UH YEAH WE DID). Then of course we did a little shopping because girls will be girls #EmojeeOfSassyGirl #OrTheOldManEmojee #WhateverFloatsYourBoat

Anyways, this ice cream was one of my fave things ever (other than Nyle the deaf model on Americas Next Top Model ) and quoted by Maxine it was “the best vegan ice cream i’ve ever had”. So there you have it!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 7.24.21 PM


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