Vegan at Erewhon- Los Angeles, CA

SO like…I used to think Whole Foods was really cool. And like, don’t get me wrong, I still do, but ….Whole Foods has some pretty big competition. Erewhon kinda kills (*slays) the healthy supermarket game. Erewhon is basically Whole Foods on steroids if that’s even possible? And anybody who’s anybody in LA has been to Erewhon (which is why I’ve obvi been because I’m such a someone #jokes #sadaboutit) 


Anyway, this place has everything you could ever possibly dream of (Except Harry Styles holding a puppy in one hand and a tub of salted caramel chocolate covered pretzel ice cream in the other). They have everything from smoothies, to juices, to food, to every healthy ingredient, to every healthy snack. Literally everything. SO deff come check dis place out (I mean, if you want to be a Cali gurl) and stock up for the new school year! That’s what we did! 

P.S. Lol just noticed that you can see us in the supermarket camera hahaha



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