Vegan at Juice Crafters- Los Angeles, CA

So this morning my AWESOME roommates and I decided to wake up early (7 o clock!!) to go on a hike because we are #fit (#jokes). But actually though, my roommates are amazeballs. My roomie Sophia literally said this morning, “Everyday feels like a sleepover” #truth.

Anyways, so we drove to Temescal and embarked on our hike. It was SO much fun (and grueling lol), but def worth it. Deff a good workout with a great view of the ocean at the top. 


And obviously, what’s the point of a workout if you’re not just losing the calories to eat more?Right after the hike, we decided to do brunch which was right around the corner at Cafe Vida which is located on the cutest little street ever with the cutest little shops. As we waited for a table outside, we went across the street to Juice Crafters to hydrate because we are healthy AF (at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves…)

This smoothie shop is the cutest, most vibey juice shop ever with a delicious menu full of amazing juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. The place is so Cali but also so cozy. I love it. And the staff was so nice as well.




Olie, Ali, and I got the “Oh Yes” smoothie (sounds sexual? That just me?) that had coconut water, pineapple, orange, and bananas in it. which was AMAZING. Literally so delicious and refreshing and tropical. Sophia got the ginger cayenne shot that is supposedly really good for you but is so damn spicy and strong that you have to eat an apple with it so that you don’t die or something (lol not actually). But she did it like a pro!


And then we got some food to go for dinner! Sorry folk. We haven’t eaten it yet so I have no idea how it tastes but I’m sure it’ll be delicious.



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