Vegan at Cafe Vida- Pacific Palisades, CA

So, ladies and gents (The few of you gentlemen who do still exist lol), today the roomies and I were chillin in Pacific Palisades, the cutest little beach down evs, and decided to grab some grub at Cafe Vida, this hip and busy little cafe with many healthy options and the cutest dogs ever. I saw this fat, old beagle and legit wanted to smuggle it into my purse #regrets #ragrets 

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 3.48.42 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 3.48.31 PM

Anyway, the food there is really delish! They didn’t have too many vegan options but they did have one, the vegetable bowl, which we got. It had rice, quinoa, sautéed veggies, sun dried tomatoes, and avocado. Really delicious and satisfying after a long ass hike on a hot ass day. Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 3.48.14 PM

Anyway, if you’re ever in town and feel like grubbin, this is your place! 


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