Vegan at Sweet E’s Bakeshop- Los Angeles, CA

So like I know California is weed central and whatever, but if you want something BETTER than grand master kush, then you MUST check out Sweet E’s Bakeshop. Their chocolate vegan cake pops are OUT OF THIS WORLD. I am still dreaming about it and I literally ate it like 30 minutes ago. Like….probably the best dessert i’ve ever had. Not only was it amazing, but it was also my first cake pop ever #CakePopVirgin #40YearOldVirgin They deff lived up to the hype (unlike Breaking Bad….sorry not sorry 😬)

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 3.24.26 PM

This place isn’t all vegan but they have some vegan desserts (and gluten free desserts for you celiac folk), the cutest little decorations and cards, AND it is literally connected to Toast Bakery Cafe. LIKE WHAT COULD BE MORE PERFECT I DONT EVEN KNOW. Anyways, definitely come here. Like it wasn’t a suggestion. It was an order.


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