Vegan at Bar Taco- Port Chester, NY

So I finally went to the one and only Bar Taco tonight. If you live in my area, you know that everybody not only goes to Bar Taco all the time, but also LOVES it. All I hear is Bar Taco this, Bar Taco that, but for all my years of living close by, I never went. Well, this summer was all about trying new things, so I knew I had to go once and for all and check it out myself.

And let me tell you, it 100% lives up to the hype. The vibe is so hip happening and cool and chill and beachy. It’s part restaurant, part bar. As soon as I went in, I felt like I was in Los Angeles or some other hip city. I couldn’t believe I was in Port Chester. The decor is great and there are so many people there too, just chillin and having a good time. I would probably say it wasn’t the best idea to come at 10 pm for dinner because the music is blasting for the people at the bar, but at least the music was good! 




As for the food, Bar Taco serves good old Mexican food, except the menu isn’t expensive at all and everything was super tasty! Our waiter was a little weird about the vegan thing. We explained it to him, but i’m still not sure if he understood. We got the falafel tacos without the sauce which were good, not great. The falafel itself was REALLY delicious, but the tortilla didn’t really need to be there (But  really, would you say no to extra carbs? #carbssss)


Then we got the chips and guac for the table which was really yummy and then we got the cauliflower rice bowl which came with brown rice, peppers, cauliflower, and a romesco sauce which was spicy but was tasty in increments. I thought everything was really tasty! Not great, but definitely yummy. Like I wouldn’t come back for the food, but I would come back for the vibe! Regardless,  the food still tasted really good!


Come check it out! Unless you already have (which let’s be real, you probably have because we were definitely the last ones to jump on the Bar Taco band wagon)


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