Mianus River Gorge- Bedford, NY

Yes I know this isn’t about food, but it’s about health and nature which is closely related to the vegan diet! Get it? Got it? Good.

So this morning, the sis, and our friend Sara decided to be proactive this morning and take a hike like the healthy people we are! (Or we just felt incredibly guilty about binge eating the chickpea brownies we made the night before #umm #veganproblems #neveragain). Anyways, we woke up, made smoothies (with flax seeds because we were REALLY feeling the healthy vibes), and set off for our hike!


The hike was so beautiful and picturesque. I literally felt like I was inside of a movie like Twilight or The Hunger Games of The Last of Us. So beautiful and peaceful. We took a mix of the red and blue trail because it was the easier one (duhhh) but we literally hiked for two hours and it was so fun and naturey! I deff recommend it!! Yes, we did end up with sweaty pit stains but it was all worth it 🙂IMG_8914



Sara’s adorable dog with our smoothie that morning 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 2.10.31 AM


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