Vegan at The Plaza Food Hall- New York City, NY

Hey y’all. How’s it going my little coffee cakes? (Speaking of which, I could really go for some coffee cake right now)

After a really hard Soul Cycle today, we met up with our good friend Susan for lunch (w/ the little sis Leila in tow) at Plaza Food Hall (see how I slipped in the Soul Cycle? #wink #IWorkout). The Plaza Food Hall is this little fancy food court that has lots of delicious food you can choose from. We sat down in the sit-down restaurant that had all the food stations combined into one menu #ThumbsUpEmojee. 


Leila got the chicken and broccoli stir fry (without the chicken #DUH). I got the simple salad. And Olie, Leila, and I each got the avocado rolls. It was delicious! So yummy. A great place to meet up with friends (vegan and non vegan) to eat variety of great food! Even the “simple” salad was great! Yum!




Leila being weird (as per usual) 


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