Thanks Monica!

So our bestie since we were 3 and her family invited us onto their boat for the day and were nice enough to bring vegan food especially for us! Thanks guys! You da homies! 

Mrs. Chartouni was nice enough to make us delicious spaghetti with tomato sauce, asparagus with lemon, and AMAZING bruschetta! Everything was so delicious!


After lunch, we stalked crazy vegans on instagram, obsessed over the hot guy who worked on the boat (he was like a mix of Tom Hiddleston and Armie Hammer), took naps in the sun, and played with this adorable puppy named Leo who her family friends brought on board! Such a fun day! 


On a side note, when we were at Monica’s house, she found our headshots we took when we were 12. That’s not even the most embarrassing part. When we were 12, we were such douches  that WE SIGNED THEM LIKE WE THOUHT WE WERE FAMOUS and GAVE THEM TO OUR FRIENDS FOR CHRISTMAS. SO FUCKING EMBARRASSING YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Please enjoy. My 12 year old self deserves the shame #LaughEmojee #CryEmojee


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