Little Choc Apothecary- Brooklyn, NY

So the sis, our bff Je’lyn, and I ventured all the way to Brooklyn for these apparently delicious crepes (Spolier alert: they did not live up to the hype. AT ALL. Also Dumbledore dies) And when I say we ventured out, I really mean it. Both the M and J were down so we had to use alternative methods of transportation. We finally got there, after much struggle with the Uber driver #UberProblems. The little cafe (apothecary?) was super cute, and the staff was really friendly and helped us decide what to order. They have sweet and savory crepes, cookies, and juices/smoothie.




We ordered the seitan crepe, some newtella (fake nutella y’all) crepes with bananas and strawberries, and the pizza crepe. They also make the crepes right in front of you so it’s cool? I guess?


Anyways, the crepes were STRAIGHT mediocre. Like pretty shitty if you ask us. We all agreed that were all “eh”. Like thank you YELP for giving it good reviews and getting our HOPES UP! BOO YOU WHORE! The pizza crepe was the best savory crepe, but still a little weird  The seitan crepe was like whatever. The seitan in it was kinda sour (don’t ask. I don’t even know/don’t even want to talk about it anymore #flashbacks). The chocolate crepes were actually really good but not worth the effort of trekking to Brooklyn and tracking down Uber drivers, etc. Also, Je’lyn got tea and it was also not that good. So all in all, we give it a 5 (out of 10).

We left questioning whether we even liked crepes in the first place. Little Choc, more like, “People who gave it good reviews must like shitty food in sketchy locations” as Olie put it. We all look back at it, kinda scarred. The more we look back on it, the more honest we are with ourselves. Olie just shouted out, “Guys, I give it a 2 now.” Well, I give it a 1.  #WeOut



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