Vegan at La Fondita- Amagansett, NY

So, the little sis Leila (also a vegan) came home from camp for the weekend and was seriously craving rice and beans before she had to go back (#ThatPuertoRicanLifeDoe). She swore by this place so we had to take a visit! La Fondita means “little kitchen” if ya’ll were wondering. (I’m half Spanish and even I was wondering! I was like da fuq is Fondita?)  DSC00958 DSC00942DSC00948

I was too lazy to get out of the car, so Leila went in and took pics for us. Lol I felt like I was sending out an intern to do our dirty work #ThatInternLifeDoe. But she did a good job! Yay Leila! You go Glen Coco. Anyways, this place is a really cute Mexican place with  some vegan options clearly marked on the menu. Gotta love the consideration! Thanks baes ❤ DSC00947DSC00946

We got the small rice and beans and it was really good! Not as good as my Grandma makes obviously, but very yummy. (My Grandma is a boss ass chef. She literally makes the best Puerto Rican food and has been cooking since she was like 14) Also, my little sister got the lemonade and really liked it as well.  DSC00954DSC00957

This is a picture of my sister, who everybody thinks is our triplet, doing a High School Musical jump outside of La Fondita because she’s normal and not weird at all. DSC00951

Also, another picture to prove that she is totally normal. This is what she decided to bring back to camp (not from La Fondita lol, just thought it was funny). Leila Cohen, everybody! #ThatVeganLifeDoeDSC00952


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