Vegan at a Clam Bake

Lol, okay I know the title is misleading. What can a vegan eat a clam bake? I know you’re all thinking “Duh, Olie and Bella. Vegans can’t eat anything at a clam bake because clams aren’t vegan you morons!!!” and that is true my friends, but luckily clam bakes have more than just clams! What a wonderful time to be alive! What a wonderful world we live in!

So here are a few of the vegan items at the clam bake just to give you some insight next time you’re invited to one (If you have friends of course… who would invite you to things). 

So for appetizers, they had kale dumplings which were actually so bomb. IDK if you’ll be fortunate to find these golden, crisp dumplings at your clam bake but sometimes that’s just life and you just have to deal with it. 


Then for dinner, they had a buffet and here are some of the items that were strictly vegan (Confirmed by the chef, James) that we ate. I had grilled corn, french fries (guilty as charged), watermelon, rice pilaf, and a delicious chickpea pattie. Diets don’t count on the weekend, okay guys!?


Then for dessert, James was nice enough to buy us vegan smores!!!!! YASSSSSSSSSS. Perfect end to the night. Sitting by the fire w/ some friends and eating like a fat-ass. That’s the lifeeeee. 



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