Vegan Snacks

As I mentioned in the post beforehand, the charity event at Super Saturday gives a giftbag with free things to those who donate and we thought we’d share some of the vegan snacks with y’all! 

I mean, I’m not gonna lie, it’s snack city up in my house rn. 

1. Sexy Pop. Popcorn that’s bringing sexy back? Jk, haven’t tried it yet but it looks yummy! We got pinapple habañero and black pepper. Seem tasty! (and sexy?)

2. Viki’s Granola

3. Chocolate Pomegranite Honey Patties (Idk how strict you guys are on honey. It has honey in it…hence the name #sass)

4. Enlightened 100 cal roasted beans

So there you have it. I’m about to become a fat lard in the 3…2…1 


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