Vegan Hair Product

Yes I know you do not eat hair products, however, animals testing is a thing. A very bad thing. Well, people, especially with crazy curly afros (LIKE US), have no fear because, not only did I find a product that is vegan (no animal testing) but it works like magic!  I use to wear my hair in a ponytail all the time because there was legit no other way to tame it #ICantBeTamed , but because of Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls, I wear my hair down EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know. I never thought this day would happen.


So thank you Miss Jessie, for helping me look more like a normal person every single day. GO BUY THIS PRODUCT NOW (especially if you have crazy curly hair). Legit, Miss Jessie’s should pay me for how much I advertise this product. I’ve gotten all my friends to buy it too. It works WONDERS. It turns crazy curls into beach waves. So awesome. So amazing. Miss Jessie’s. BUY IT BETCHES.


p.s. On the list of things at the bottom of the container, it has a list of “no’s” but for some reason there is no “no” in front of the word “animal ingredients”. I went over the ingredients and didn’t see anything not vegan, so it must have been a mistake. Why would you ever brag about having animal products after saying “no animal testing”? So I’m pretty sure it’s fine.

Update: I emailed Miss Jessies to make sure this product was vegan and they said yes it was! #YAY!!




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