Vegan B12 Supplement

So, I know I said I’m super healthy solely because of my vegan diet, but I do take ONE supplement (SUE ME). It’s B12. Ya’ll should take it too.  The reason I take it is because it is usually found in meat, fish, and dairy and ain’t nobody got time for that shit.  For those of you who are wondering, B12 is important for the development of the brain, blood cells, and nerves.

Anyways, this is the B12 I take and I love it. Not only is it cherry flavored, but you don’t have to let it dissolve under your tongue like other B12 supplements. Also, when I showed it to my doctor, he was impressed with how much B12 was in each tablet. And when I got my blood work back, he said my B12 was more than great. So, for all you vegans who are successfully getting all your protein and calcium and such from vegan food (because vegan food is VERY rich in all of those things), just make sure that you do take a B12 supplement so that your brain functions properly and that you don’t go crazy pants or something. We don’t want people to think vegans are nuts, do we?



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