Vegan at Morimoto- New York City, NY

So the madre spontaneously came to NYC today and took us out to dinner after work (yay! love free dinner!). She took us to Morimoto, which is a very fancy (and DELICIOUS) sushi place that accommodates very well to vegans #yus. 


First off, I’d just like to say our waiter was the nicest guy ever. Super young and hip, very honest about what he thought about certain things on the menu, and very knowledgable of the vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian diet. His vibe kinda reminded me of Matt Bomer on White Collar. Just an all around cool waiter who made ordering super easy and fun. Also, we saw a really hot waiter walking around serving another table, so, always points when the waiters are cool/hot #Truth


Anyways, our waiter recommended the “ishi yaki buri bop” without the yellowtail, which would basically be a vegan fried rice which was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I want it over and over and over and over and over again. So delicious.  (Also I’m pretty sure if you say “ishi yaki buri bop”  repeatedly into a microphone, people will think you are beat boxing)


We also got the “yosedofu” (<– I think that’s what it’s called), where they LEGIT make tofu at your table. They like do something with soy milk and let it curdle (<– I know, we all hate that word). And then, tofu magically appears. Not even kidding so cool. So yes Peter Pan, I do believe in fairies. And then you eat the tofu with mushrooms and sauce and little crispy rice balls. Mmmm.


We also got avocado rolls and some other veggie sushi that were good. 


For dessert they had a ton of sorbet flavors, but we didn’t get any because we were too stuffed! Anyways, deff come here and splurge on delicious food (or get your parents to take you! lol)



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