Vegan at Max Brenner – NYC

“CHOCOLATE?! DID YOU SAY CHOCOLATE?!?!?”  (If you got that reference, hit me upppp) 

Anyway, Max Brenner is a legit chocolate bar/shop that specializes in all things chocolate— kind of reminiscent of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory but less fantastical and vibey. It’s modeled to look more like an old-timey chocolate factory than a candy shop which is #lame but to each their own #lametho

DSC00849 DSC00850

Anyway, we went with our good friend and old babysitter Ana (major tbt) for dinner after seeing Trainwreck w/ the amazing Amy Schumer and the surprisingly hot Bill Hader lolz (yeah I’m into him, not gonna lie) 

First of all, I’d like to say, we all thought the restaurant was underwhelming. It’s cute in theory and a fun place to go but it’s too expensive for the quality of food (Including the not-vegan mac&cheese which Ana got)  but it’s a fun place to check out if you are addicted to chocolate  #periodcravings? 

So Bella and I got the quinoa chickpea salad w/ cherry tomatoes, arugula, and Dijon vinaigrette. It usually comes on a waffle, but we got it without because it had milk. I didn’t notice it had cheese on the menu (oops?) so when we got it, we had to return it back for the chefs to remake it. Luckily, they were very accommodating and brought it back to the chefs with no extra charge. It was good! Not worth $15 but still good because I’m slightly a quinoa whore and will legit eat anything with quinoa on it #thatswhatshesaid? 


When we asked if the waffle fries dusted with chilli and cocoa powder were vegan, our waiter said no but then another waitress came and remade our fries with just the chili powder and they were fantastic. Remember folks, fries before guys.


For dessert and obvs the most important part of the meal, we got dark chocolate fondue w/ strawberries and bananas! SO SO SO good. Luv meh some warm melted chocolate and some nanners on da side. 


So in short the staff was surprisingly very accommodating, the chocolate was fantastic, but it was overpriced and little touristy for my taste. Sorry not sorryyyy. 


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