Vegan at Back 40 Kitchen- Greenwich, CT

I know what y’all are thinking? Who would name a restaurant “Back 40 Kitchen”? Like what does that even mean? And the answer is…I have no fuckin clue! Back 40 Kitchen is the new Organic Planet but with an extreme makeover.  Hey Ty! Move that bus! Lol just kidding, even if they moved the bus, you still couldn’t find this restaurant because it’s hidden away in a little nook on greenwich ave. It looks like a photography shop, but once you trek up the stairs, down a hallway, over a rainbow and through the bridge to grandmother’s house, there lies Back 40 Kitchen.


It’s this vibey, cool, rustic restaurant with a bar and a ton of organic food (with a few vegan options-not labeled on the menu of course like Organic Planet had #Bitter #ButtHurt). Anyways, there are like only 5 tables  so we had to wait around for 45 mins to get one (Da fuck?). AND THEN, when we finally sat down and ordered, it took like 2 hours to get our food (NOT EXAGGERATING). All we got was sautéed greens (without butter) and roasted potatoes. Not only were they expensive, but they also took light years to be made. Light years. The chefs were literally sleeping in the (Back 40) kitchen.

The manager was there and she just wasn’t running a tight ship. I was like, come on Captain, do ya job. The food was good. Not great. We also ordered coffee which was watery and only came with cashew milk which was weird af.


We didn’t even talk during dinner because we were all scarfing our faces after waiting  2 hours for the tiniest dishes ever. Although……. dessert was a different story. We got the pb and j ice cream and the cookies (3 diff kinds) with cashew milk (the cashew milk was surprisingly good with cookies) and it was actually AMAZEBALLS.  So never again in my life will I go back for dinner (EVER) but I would definitely come for dessert. All in all though, Organic Planet was better #awks 




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