Vegan at Da Paolino Lemon Trees- Capri, Italy

Oh what a day! What a lovely day! #MadMaxAnyone? Lol but seriously, the day was so fun and the night was even better! That night we went to this really beautiful restaurant to celebrate my parent’s friend’s birthday! She had a huge birthday bash with a ton of people and even some Italian celebs (Paparazzi did attend #lol). Also, one guy there (an italian celeb?) was so handsome that he looked like Flynn from Tangled. (Is anyone else as obsessed with Tangled as much as I am????). 

Anyways, this place is so cool because it was built right under a lemon tree grove. So all the outside tables are under lemon trees and the lemons are huge! It is so cool! (Although downside is that animals live in the trees I think…  One guy like flipped a shit because either a huge ass bug fell on him or a bat #eek and he like screamed and knocked over some wine glasses. But everybody else was fine the rest of the night. The most hilarious part about it was that rumors went around that a lemon fell on his head. I just thought he was having a seizer). Besides the point, this place is really pretty and awesome. IMG_8046 They especially prepared vegan dishes for us that were OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS. Really REALLY good. They made us veggies, pasta, and eggplant parmesan (Olie hates eggplant and even LOVED this). Everything tasted like heaven.  And for dessert, mini strawberries. But actually writing this blog makes me want that pasta SO bad. Like it was the best pasta I’ve ever had in my entire life. IMG_8047IMG_8048IMG_8050IMG_8051IMG_8053 And what’s even cooler is that we randomly sat next to a boy from London and found out that he goes to USC and is gonna be a senior #TrojanPride #!!! Shoutout to Aram! He was really cool! We made plans to go get vegan cookie dough and acai bowls in LA and have a Harry Potter marathon! #yuss #FightOn 

Also, here are some photos of us all dressed up for the bday dinner! IMG_9963.JPGIMG_8045

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