Vegan at Quattro Passi- Massa Lubrense, NA, Italy

Ciao Bella! (Lol i should live in Italy forever so that people automatically think of beauty when i’m like “Hi, I’m Bella”)

This place is such an adorable but modern-esque restaurant in Italy that my mom loves because the food is great and the owner is SO nice and so adorable and so passionate about his food and customers! 


Anyways, they were more than accommodating to our vegan needs and made us delicious vegetables, salad, and pasta with vegetables! It sounds boring and plain but it was actually SO yummy. The pasta was so creamy and delicious (made specially for us without eggs) and their tomatoes were DELICIOUS. SO good. Like i’ve never had such yummy tomatoes. I ate like 4 of them. Not kidding.


SO YUMMY! Great vibe and atmosphere too. Great service. One of the waiters was kinda cute but looked a bit too young. Turns out he was 17, so I felt kinda creepy not gonna lie but hey, Selena dated Justin when she was 19 and he was 17 so maybe not so creepy? No still creepy. Selena no. Let’s just say, he’ll be cute when he’s older.

At the end of the meal, they bring out a trolley (Harry Potter anyone?) of candy. Not everything is vegan but they have licorice and lollipops and it was so fun! Made me feel like a kid again (being an adult sucks balls lol).

Anyways, here are pics of us at the restaurant (because I know you want to see our lovely faces) and a pic of us with our bro at the restaurant (because i know you want to see his lovely face)


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