Vegan at Bean and Bean- New York City, NY

Sorry we haven’t been on lately. We have been on vacay in Italy for a couple of days and, you know, we were super busy (eating, swimming, shopping, and sleeping of course). But we are back!

So before vacay, I had one of the most busiest days at work of my entire life. I had to trek around NYC to get some Fourth of July decorations for our company’s lifestream video conference they do every week but my phone was dying and my credit card wasn’t working and I was getting lost and the stores didn’t have any decorations and the heat and humidity was cray. But luckily, mid adventure/ mid-dying in the nyc heat, I came across this awesome little coffee shop which I think saved me from passing out lol. It is super airy and modern and looks like a great place to bring some work.

Sorry for the bad photo below. I was trying to take it sneakily so these people didn’t think I was taking a photo of them. You know how people are #jeez #NotEverythingIsAboutYou


 The coffee was delicious. I got an iced latte with almond milk and it was super creamy and refreshing. Key word: Refreshing. Reviving. Life saving #NycHeatIsNoJoke


Also, in the dessert case, something said “vegan agave”. Not sure what they meant because there was no puddle of agave in the display case, but I’m assuming something in there was vegan.


Also, I’m not sure if any of these were made with almond milk, but they’re pretty nifty, right?


Anyways, come here for some cool vibes, creamy coffee, and giant puddles of vegan agave (lol)


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