Vegan at Chalait- West Village, NY

The avocado toast quest has officially come to an end because we have officially FOUND A WINNER!!!!! Yes, ladies and gents and all those in between, we have found the best fucking avocado toast in the state and it is at chalait. 

This place is a super hip little cafe that specializes in making macha teas/lattes and toasts. For all you nincompoops who aren’t familiar with the macha trend, I advise you to get in with the times and the trends. It’s only the hottest, newest flavour on the market rn. DUH. 

Anyway, seating is minimal so you may have to wait a bit. The sis and our two friends managed to grab four spots at the bar because we’re bosses so, you know, anything is possible. (Aside from a somewhat decent guy being interested in me #lolz #singleuntilltheendoftime) 


Anyway, I got an almond milk macha tea latte which was really good! I added stevia which I brought from home because I’m sketchy but it was really good and as the for the avocado toast??? SPEECHLESS. SO GOOD. GET SOME. LIKE RN. 


Anyway, it was fantastic fuel before we all hit up the NYC Pride Parade later that day. SO fucking fun. So beautiful to see people feel free to be who they are and embrace they’re differences.  Just like the vegan diet (Obviously gay rights are much diff than animal rights, let’s not get politically heated rn, just trying to draw some parallels in ma life, okayyy?? ) all equality starts with love and compassion. Remember that folks. 



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