Vegan at Wichcraft- NYC

I’m going to apologize in advance to our 1 million subscribers (Sorry, I meant 1 subscriber. Shout out to my best friend’s mom) that these following  pictures are atrocious. I did not have my fancy camera on me. For that, I apologize for the photos you are about to see but I do promise the food was better than these horrid pictures look. 

Anyway, moving on, Bella and I came here for lunch on our first day of work (#adultlife). Wichcraft is a cozy cafe with many places to sit and chill on laptops and stuff. Kind of like starbucks but bigger and not as mainstream #shade. Anyway, they have all their options marked vegan on the menu HOWEVER, they also have the calories on the menu which turned my decision from getting a vegan chickpea sandwich quickly into a salad w/ whole grains and roasted vegetables. #thatdietlifedoe

However, despite my calorie drop, the food was just as delicious and I would def come back here again! I also got a soy latte too. Wish they had almond milk, but I guess sometimes you have to just accept the fact that life is hard #poorme #firstworldproblems. BYE!

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