Vegan at Hee Korean BBQ Grill- Chelsea, NYC

So, I decided to have din with the older sis because she will be leaving to Turkey this weekend to go on an archeological dig where she will dig out dinosaur fossils and egyptian tombs or whatever the heck archeologists do these days (Hey Sophie! Can you try digging my love life out? Tell me if you find my career down there too!) So we decided to have some grub before her excursion. 

We went to this cute little Korean BBQ place around the corner. I got a stone bowl with rice and vegetables (Minus the egg) and asked for some soy sauce to dress it with. All in all it was good. Probs not the best place to go for vegans, but they def have options if you go with un-vegan friends. 

And I do warn you, when they say the bowl is hot…it is. (Like me #imhot #jokes #LOLZ) 


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