Vegan at Two Hands-New York City, NY

Two hands for more food!  I mean why else would we have two hands? To multitask? To survive? Nah.

Two Hands is a really cute little cafe on Mott St (close to Cafe Gitane). It has the cutest food and drinks and the atmosphere is so light and carefree. I came here today to meet up with my friend Ayse who I went to Stagedoor  theater camp with who I hadn’t seen in like 5 years. So fun! 


This place has iced coffees, juices, avocado toast, acai bowls, granola, etc. Its the perfect place to meet up with people and grab a quick bite to eat but also to stay and chat. The waiters were kinda slow when we were trying to get their attention, but the food was yummy and the atmosphere was fun. I got the avocado toast and the iced coffee


Deff a cool meet up place. Also, saw this cool street art when walking around the area!

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling” #InceptionQuote



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