Vegan at Friend of a Farmer’s- Grammercy, NYC

So guys, my awesome Aunt Rose decided to treat the sis and I to lunch and took us to a place called Friend of a Farmer’s which is like this farm-to-table organic type of restaurant. 

The resaurant is super packed and cute, but like packed to the point where Bella was starting to get anxiety about fire escape paths. LOLZ. Elemntary school fire drills taught her well.  

Anyway, you would think this restaurant would have loads of vegan options, turns out they have almost none #yay But the waitor was super friendly and tried very hard to accomodate us which was nice.

We ended up getting plain white toast (which was actually really good!) since their other breads weren’t vegan and putting apple butter (Sort of like cinnomen apples) on top. It was actually really yummy and filling!

We also got a Vitamen C shot which was a DELICIOUS drink made of passion fruit, organe, kiwi, nectarine, and lime. Highly recommend. 

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The waitor felt bad that he couldn’t offer us more but also told us that they were working hard to make some vegan options in the future and they already had a vegan tofu option  at dinner. So there you have it. All hope in humanity lies in the future. Guess all we gotta do is be patient. 

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