Vegan at The Juice Shop-Chelsea, NYC

Soooo I was taking a soul cycle class (Look at me! I work out! I’m fit!) and I was uber thirsty, like tongue out and everythannng, and then I passed this holy grail!

The magical land of The Juice Shop! It’s like this super hip little juice shop where people chill with their laptops and their food is uber healthy! They have options of oatmeals bowls, acai bowls, and kale bowls!!!! <- like was this place fuckin tailored to my taste buds??? I’M CONFUSED

Anyway, Bella and I both got the beach bum drink (Orange, pinapple, strawberry) and the Tokyo fresh kale bowl which has beets, broccoli, carrots, edamami, seaweed, sunflower sprouts, and carror ginger miso dressing w/ added tofu. SO GOOD! Next time you’re being fit like me and working out your glutes at Soul Cycle, make sure to stop by here for some yummy refreshing grub!

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