Vegan at Sweetgreen

So, if you are anyone you have probs heard the hype about this salad place. I always thought it was just one of those run-of-the-mill build your own salad places like Just Salad or Simply Salad but oh no my friends, the line for this place goes out the fuckin door! Like no joke. 

Anyway, since we are timing aficionados, we got there just before the lunch rush hour so we didn’t have to wait on line… but right after we got our salads, the line was out the door again. Lol sucks for you suckas!!


Anyway, the salad here really is as bomb as its reputation. I got kale with sweet potatoes, beets, corn, chick peas, and roasted tofu with miso sesame dressing. SO GOOD! Bella was unimpressed but screw her, right? Who cares what Bella thinks anyway? #notme 

Anyway, if you want good salad and don’t mind the wait, ch-ch-check it out! K bye people.


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