Vegan at Ramen Thukpa- New York City, NY

Get in loser. We’re going shopping.

LOL amidst our summer shopping trip with the madre, our older sister Sophie randomly said, “I want ramen.” From what I could assume, she doesn’t eat ramen on a regular basis, nor am I sure if she had ever had it before, but she definitely wanted it. And what Sophie wants, Sophie gets #gurlpower. So we came to this place! Ramen Thukpa. I have no idea what Thukpa means but you should call someone you hate a “Thukpa” and see how they react. 

Anyways, Olie got the seaweed salad  and I got the nori salad and both were delicious! The nori salad came with a little bowl of dried seaweed to put in the salad that was so yummy and everybody at the table was munching on ! (BTW the garden salad with the ginger dressing is not vegan because they put mayonnaise in the dressing. EEK. I always order ginger dressing at asian places. BEWARE VEGANS. I HAVE WARNED YOU. Always check the dressing ingredients. No matta what.)



We got a vegetarian ramen thing but they had to improvise because they didn’t initially have anything vegan. They gave us basically the vegetarian one but with rice noodles instead because the other noodles have eggs. It also came with tofu and veggies! Yum! (the sis hates the words veggies so now I will use it every opportunity I get #muhahaha)


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