Nourish Snacks

Thanks so much to Nourish Snacks for sending over a HUGE package of snacks! My cousin’s girlfriend introduced these to me the past weekend and I FELL IN LOVE! (not that  I know what falling in love feels like, but you get what i mean…. #Tinder4Life)

They are low cal (for all us curvy girls out there) and dairy free and gluten-free too! Super healthy made with all natural ingredients. I know, seems too good to be true BUT IT IS TRUE. And I bet you think they taste like cardboard BUT THEY DONT. THEY ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS. I legit just devoured a chocolate chia pack and it had chocolate chips in it and I almost died. 

Seriously go buy these and follow them on insta  (@nourishsnacks). My friend just ate a pack and was like “I’m def gonna order these”. THESE ARE BOSS ASS SNACKS.


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