People’s Pops- New York City, NY (Chelsea Market)

Chelsea market is da shit. It has the coolest little shops, stores, cafes, restaurants, etc (including Beyond Sushi- all vegan sushi, a new acai bowl place, and apparently a place that makes vegan crepes #holla #yolo #holo #yolla). LIKE I SAID. DA SHIT.

Anyways, we found this little cart inside and it was selling popsicles made with fresh fruit. So yummy. After, we walked to the High Line (slyly slipping in that I walked  #ImFit), and I even saw a People’s Pop cart there…. So…they are popular and not sketchy is what I’m trying to say

Olie got the apple green tea and I got the cherry plum. Yum! Super refreshing after today which was hot as a mofo. Legit, it was so hot out, I felt like i was being wrapped in a cashmere blanket and being force fed really thick hot chocolate. (Did any of you get visuals of me in a cashmere blanket being force fed hot chocolate? Because now that I think of it, it seems kinda nice….)

Anyways, come get some cold pops! (For some reason the words “cold pops!” are replaying in my head on repeat in a form of a remixed song sung by the “Aint Nobody Got Time For That” girl. Don’t ask why #GoingCrazy #ProbablyDehydrated)unnamedunnamed-1

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