Vegan Sleepover Snacks

Thanks to our friend Sara’s mom, our sleepover was completely stocked with delicious vegan goodies!! #score #lifegoals

So if you are vegan and looking for delicious vegan snacks for a sleepover with friends (Or even if you are a vegan with no friends! #me #jk #right?) these snacks are great ideas!

1) baby carrots w/ hummus (Classic af)

2) Popcorn (Ours had a hint of coconut and actually went really well with hummus!) 

3) THE DELICIOUS Boom Chicka Puff BBQ. Basically vegan bbq cheetos/heaven

Anyway, so here you go. These were all healthy, vegan, yummy snack options. Now go plan that sleepover. Or make some friends. Or else you’ll just be having  sleepover with yourself and that’s not fun. Or is it? Maybe I should find out. 

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