Vegan breakfast recipe (Avocado toast and acai smoothie)

So folks, welcome to the new segment of my life called “I need to learn how to cook because I’m going to be 20 in a year and I don’t know my left from my right.”

I thought we’d ease into it on our sleepover with Sara by making a simple avacodo toast and acai smoothie. Don’t laugh. IT’S A START, OKAY!!

Anyway, for the naive little youngsters out there in the ether who don’t know how to make avocado toast…

You need: 

. bread (We used ezekiel because it’s heathly and I’m healthy #lol #lies #itry) 

. Avocado (duh) 

. Lemon juice

. Salt, pepper, and some olive oil

So you toast the bread, (duh), then you mash avocado into a bowl and mix with seasoning, oil, and lemon juice and spread evenly and then…YAY. You are officially a master chef. 

As for the acai smoothie…

You need: 

. Acai powder

. Almond milk

. Berries

. Ice

. Some type of blender (We used magic bullet because we cool) 

So yeah, here is a great combo for breakfast if you have no cooking skills like moi but you love a good, yummy breakfast! Bon apetit!

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