Vegan at Dean and Delucas- New York City, NY

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN HERE? It’s like Whole Foods mixed with an adorable flare. Everything is super healthy, but also really cute and chic (Um like me? Lol jokes). They have everything here from candy to donuts, to salads, to sushi, to just everything (I mean, the donuts and sushi part should have sold you already…)

They even have sections dedicated to chocolate bars (lots of them are vegan #YUS) that all have cool, unique wrappings and are all organic. I mean, it’s just awesome. BUT best of all is that they have marzipan, which is my childhood favorite snack (don’t ask why), but it is, and they have little marzipan shaped like little animals that seem too sad to eat, but too cute to never stop looking at! For dinner, Olie and I picked up avocado spring roll type things and they were DELISH!

Anyways, check it out! Great place to buy somebody a gift (because we all know that food makes the best gift and never disappoints)



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