Vegan at Jack’s Wife Freda- New York City, NY

So, let’s be real for a hot sec, I’m a basic bitch and I do follow Instagram trends #GuiltyAsCharged. The latest insta trend that I have been wanting to check out is Jack’s Wife Freda. It’s that little cafe on Spring Street that everybody takes instas at of the avocado toast and the cute little sugar packets with the cute little sayings on it. Also, lets be real, the title of this cafe is adorable: Jack’s Wife Freda. Makes me wonder though, is Jack hot? And should I be jealous of Freda? (lol jk, girl power #FredaForTheWin).

Anyways, this place is super popular (probably because it’s always crowded by insta whores #akaMe), so you might have to wait a little. The waitress was kinda rude to us at first by trying to rush us and then she made us move tables, which was kinda annoying, but like, we ain’t complaining (or am I?)

Anyways, we met up with our homegirl Sol who was in town from Los Angeles. We ordered the avocado toast and the cantaloupe juice. The avocado toast was SO GOOD. It had a tomato sauce on top that made it kinda sweet and was the perfect touch. And the juice was really refreshing! 


Anyways, check it out homies (I mean, if you want a snazzy instagram to show people that you are up to date with trends because people definitely care about you and your life and what you had for lunch and whatever else you post on your instagram. Truth be told, you’re all they think about)


Also, love the note at the bottom of the check. I think Jack is the only man who loves me. (Wait a second… are they implying that Jack is cheating on Freda? In that case, fuck Jack! What an asshole!)

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