DF Maven’s ice cream- Manhattan, NY

So guys, the sis and I were like “Oh, we’re gonna be so chill and stuff and juice cleanse when we come back from college…” and don’t get me wrong. We did. But like, for a day and maybe a half.

The story goes: The bro took us out in the city to learn the ropes and terrain of the concrete jungle and while we were walking, I couldn’t help but zero in on a sign that said “Dairy-free is the way to be <3”. I was like HOLD THE PHONE…AND THE JUICE CLEANSE. 

We walked in and…. it turned out to be a magical dairy free ice cream shop with vegan cones! 

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It literally felt like I was in one of those dessert hallucinations of water but instead I was on a juice cleanse hallucinating about ice cream. 

Anyway, it’s super cute and the staff is all very friendly and the flavors are so bomb dignity. They had apple pie flavor and red bean and my favorite (Which is what I got) mint almond cookie which was a mixture of mint chip, cookies n’ cream, and a lil bit of dreams and orgasms. 

So if anyone is on a juice cleanse and feels like breaking it for something worthy, I think Thor would agree. This is worthy. 

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