Vegan at Simply Salad- DTLA, CA

So, after an adventure to The Bigg Chill with my woes Kristen, Sara, and Bella we thought “Hmmm, we just ate something sugary, I guess we need to balance it out with something savoury and healthy? SALAD TIME!!!!” Just picture the scene in Zoolander where he and all his model friends are dancing in the car with orange mocha frappachinos. Yup. That was us (Minus the frappes of course and oh yeah, minus the male models too #sadface)

Anyway, it is this little salad shop where you just go down the line and pick your lettuce, toppings, proteins, dressing, etc. Then they chop it all up and ring you up. They have a little book too that show which dressings are dairy-free and such which is muy muy bueno for us vegan tots. 


Anyway, I got kale, corn, carrots, tortilla strips (For the extra crunch, ya know?), tofu, chick peas, and pomegranate vinaigrette. YUMO.

I also got some coconut/pineapple water on the side which almost made me barf. I think I’m legit allergic to coconut water. But on the bright side…Bella loved that coconut/pinapple stuff! And they have vegan cookies too! K BYEEEEE

psHPwZudf7F-HzlxDDFM8bBmbsgWM4lxYhdZCX_F7SrZSOQ40ECJoDVPrIzXxRjvE2RVf19gZRp4gkVMq0s_hkWa-x3i1H4oEInHdlNpncDe-8HcHml2EPrB2AGDnj2TXu8b7HSqwujUY3JRd9yDe-LnkxwL2wrXx7QV9KcQcCoj2BSTpfM25bvTqNuZAs0WVPVjT0fKe1dr6PAIzdbirI40lTWKx CoO6fCpIoJftfx68JWhZIoNqyMFluqICRAqxP1NgxSNx3dePBcZczYfvWInynBc-gXNwha6eCQV4myX_WfpwqsNTuZDQsu4vTEPejpmLsVJsBEOo7GIi8u0vW-Uc3RixL1fI37bGZyySYb_UtSuXW8ZfCoSpqwm1dTG7fIMxizodIwdPGumOCwI0UTjF2wrPoEs9blajgeQnDPqeiYaMB8t0MweXt


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